AEGEE Gucha Trumpet Festival & Beer Fest

                                                                                     08-17. August 2012@ Belgrade, Gucha, | Serbia 

                                                                              “I’ve been to Cuba, but this is better!”  –  AEGEE Les Ancienes


Welcome to the 52. Gucha Trumpet Festival & Beer Fest!

“I never knew that you can play the trumpet that way!”

Miles Davis (1926 – 1991)
renown US jazz trumpeter
after visiting the Gucha Trumpet Festival

Dear AEGEE friends,

Welcome to the craziest festival of brass bands music in the word! You may have heard, but didn’t believe, some may have told You, but again You were reluctant… Now, thanks to AEGEE-Beograd and its 15 year long tradition of organizing an AEGEE event during the Gucha Trumpet Festival, You have the chance to experience something that will move limits of Your imagination, discover new horizonts of pleasure and make a unique memory of a week with no sleep, many friends and even more reasons to come back again to Gucha, Belgrade and Serbia

For the chosen unique 45 people, we promice 9 days of absolute and ultimate fun, music, traditional food and drinks, lessons in national dance, visits to unique sights of Belgrade, Serbia and Shumadia region, well known for its hospitality. This is a summer You will not forget. This is an event You will wish You have visited before. If You like music, if you like dancing, if you like to meet the unique Serbian hospitality and culture – AEGEE Gucha Trumpet Festival & Beer Fest is the place for You! hurry up, apply and make sure that You will never forget this summer!




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